David Smail
Unpublished Talks

The following are selected from a large number of unpublished talks given over the years. I've chosen them mainly for their relative recency, completeness and distinctiveness, though inevitably there is some repetition.

Love for Sale: 'Psychotherapy as Prostitution' Revisited (1995)

Counselling in a Cruel World (1995)

Environmental Cause and Therapeutic Cure: The Impotence of Insight (1996)

Psychotherapy: Illusion with no Future? (1996)

The Problem of Perspective (1998)

Valediction (1998)

Psychotherapy, Society and the Individual (1999)

Helping with Distress (2000)

Psychology and Power: Understanding Human Action (2001)

'There's No Such Thing as Society'. The moral tyrannies of Therapy (2001)

Getting Old: the Experience of a Bio-social Predicament (2002)

The Making of Subjectivity (2002)

Social Power and Psychological Distress (2002)

Psychotherapy - How Can We Help? (2003)

Difficulties for Radical Psychology (2005)

Truth, Politics and Psychological  Therapy May The Lord Delivers Us from Professional Uncertainty (2006)

Clinical Psychology and Truth (2007)

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