Guest Essays

I am happy to offer this site as a place where people who have something appropriate they would like to say can post a contribution.

These 'guest essays', so long as they are broadly relevant to the central theme of the site, may take any form - ranging from the drily objective to the intensely subjective and personal - and may make full use of the opportunities offered by web publishing in terms of links, graphics, etc. (provided these are not excessively space-consuming).

I may sometimes invite contributions but I hope also that people will come forward with suggestions. Please contact me if you would like to make a contribution. I do reserve the right to decline offers, and if this happens I'll try to give my reasons for doing so, but what I'm looking for are essays which will be of interest to visitors to the site, whether or not they might find their way into more conventional publications.

Essays posted/linked

Elina Baker
and Craig Newnes
April 05 The Discourse of Responsibility  
Brian Davey Jan 03 Know Thyself
Paul Gordon June 04 Night thoughts of a sceptical therapist
Dave Harper Feb 04 Psychology and the ‘War on Terror’
Ann Kennedy Feb 05 Against all the odds
Peter Linnett March 05 Compounding Your Problems: Turning a Person into a Label  
Peter Linnett July 05 The Creativity of Survival: The true connections between creativity and mental distress  
Rob Lloyd Sept 03 Working Class Heroes
Bob Macintosh May 04 Requiem for Counselling
Brooks Mitchell Jan 03 What is the business of psychotherapy? A socially conscious approach  
Craig Newnes June 03 Psychology and psychotherapy's potential for countering the medicalization of everything  
Craig Newnes Jan 05 Constructing the service user
Craig Newnes June 05 Towards a new typology of persons
Craig Newnes June 07 The implausibility of researching and regulating psychotherapy  
Craig Newnes Sept 11 Medication, psychotherapy and the right to know  
Penny Priest June 03 Don't Look Down
Nick Radcliffe
and Craig Newnes
Aug 04 Welcome to the future of liberal family therapy working  
Phil Salmon Jan 03 Being at the Receiving End: One Patient's Experience of Nursing Care  
Theodore Stickley Feb 04 Shock and Awe: The long-term psychological effects of war  
Christopher J. Willoughby Jan 03 Counselling, Psychotherapy and Moral Responsibility  
Cathy Wilmot May 04 Reflections on the Mental Health Industry  

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